"70% Indian Market Share "

Why eTHIC ?

eTHIC is an industry-defining solution that reshapes the way risk-based auditing & compliance management is executed in the BFSI sector and is the best risk assessment software for banks. Capable of centralizing the entire audit management life cycle, eTHIC introduces efficiency and reliability into web-based audit management for Banking & Financial services companies in India by assets. eTHIC has become a popular risk management software for banks, as over 20+ banks across India are using it for various audit processes.

eTHIC Benefits

Saves money investing in multiple audit tools for various use cases. eTHIC offers every tool and feature you need for audit and risk management.

Prevent costly errors by tracking deviations near real-time and taking rapid remedial measures

The business edge you need with endless customization options, to suit your organization’s specific auditing and reporting needs

Proven and scalable audit automation solution for small and large financial institutions

Save time by making on-the-fly adjustments to audit and report configuration

Highly scalable, meets high-volume performance requirements

Access the application from anywhere, right from a browser

Improves process quality, thereby saving operational costs

Make fewer errors, thanks to customizable checklists

Track down the source of faults

Saves 40% time in preparing audit reports

Fast implementation

Business Coverage

  • General Branch Audit
  • Wholesale/Retail Audit
  • Concurrent Audit
  • Is Audit
  • Management Audit
  • Service Branch Audit
  • Statutory Audit (LFAR)
  • Credit Audit
  • Revenue Audit
  • ATM Audit

  • Jewel Loan Audit
  • Retail Assets Audit
  • Snap Audit
  • Rural Audit
  • Offsite Transaction Monitoring
  • Pre-release Audit
  • Currency Chest Audit
  • Stock Audit
  • Compliance Audit

Risk management software solutions for banks

eTHIC Features

Fully integrated audit applications suite

Online and offline exception monitoring

Storage of extensive historical data

Role-restricted collaboration across the enterprise

Risk ratings based on business and operational risk

New audit creation with user-defined checklists on-the-go

Audit and risk analysis based on standard regulatory frameworks

Web-based Application with alerts, reporting and dashboard facilities

Seamless integration with core banking solutions, HRMS and other applications

Extensive parameterization with bullet-proof security controls