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Enhanced Role of Internal Audit in Fraud Risk Management

As per a RBI Report, Indian banking system detected Rs 71,500 Cr worth of frauds in financial year 2018-19. The report also said that the average lag between the date of occurrence and its detection by banks was 22 months. Further, in reply to a RTI query RBI had disclosed that in 2019-20, Scheduled Banks and select FI’s reported 84,545 fraud cases, involving about Rs 1.85 lac Cr. As per information available, bulk of the amounts involved in these frauds has come under ‘loan related’ frauds…


Discovering Oneself

Confidence is a feeling that is developed over a period of time through numerous experiences. However, for most people, confidence is something that fluctuates based on the situations faced, its travels to its peak and hits the rock-bottom too. When one is cherishing their success and accomplishments however trivial they may be, it makes them feel confident and strong. But when one is mentally agonized or feeling low they may be recollecting…


Why are Trainings Backbone of any Organization?

The CFO of a company asks the CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then leave us?” The CEO responds, “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”.Training is one of the pillars in any organisation, well-structured training helps the individuals/organizations move from lower branch to higher branch in the right way. Eventually training will transform individual and organization one level to an another level…


Expert Audit Consulting for Uncertain Times

NCS a ‘Technology Product Company’ with eTHIC as the market leader in Internal Audit automation, in India. Currently, eTHIC is running successfully in 30+ Banks in India. At NCS, we have always had in-house Banking experts, for guidance in development of eTHIC, as well as in its implementation in various banks. Having implemented eTHIC in many Banks, we had a felt a strong need for building in-house ‘Consulting Capability’, to prepare ourselves to the emerging needs of Banks in Internal Audit…


Stairway to a Successful Start-up

The entrepreneurial journey is a multitude experiences and roadblocks. Finding the golden egg is not easy, but is the most rewarding. It can be so challenging to launch a business that it may make you wonder why anyone willingly sets out on such a path. On the bright side, being an entrepreneur allows you to channel your passion into a successful business. The founders of various successful businesses started just as an individual at home, who was struck by an idea that they believed, could make a difference to the world…

AI in Audit

AI in Audit

Artificial Intelligence as we know of it, makes it possible for machines to perform tasks that match human intelligence, improving the precision, speed and accuracy of human efforts. This evolving technology seems to be a crucial turning point among various industries. Business professionals agree that AI will change the way everyone will work in decades to come. AI has already been applied to driverless cars, home energy systems…

Strategy to Improve Compliance

Strategies to improve compliance

Compliance strategy is about adhering to the rules laid down by Regulatory as well as by other related authorities including Government and mitigating the prevalent risks. Internal policies and mandates arising from new business development technologies, risk trends, eTHIC considerations and line-of-defence coordination are also creating the need for enhancement in the Compliance.A compliance audit is a evaluation…

Time Management

Time Management for Professionals

24 Hours… Isn’t that what every single one of us get for each day? How is that a few people get things done and lead a life of contentment and success while the rest of us wonder where the 24 hours zapped past us leaving us reeling for the nth time; not knowing how to complete the never ending To Do lists.What do successful people do? What miracle is that they are having up their sleeves that we don’t seem to possess? Well…

Benefit of Audit Digitalization

Benefits of Audit Digitalization

Digitalization that was once an aspiration is now a reality. Companies are constantly transforming their processes to take advantage of the technological advancements . They are investing in new technologies that increase ease of access, enhance productivity, aides in decision making, and have other benefits that will leverage the business. With all industries going digital, the Banking Industry is no different. It is going through a huge transformation…

Impact of Covid19 in Indian Banking Arena

Impact of COVID-19 in Indian Banking arena

COVID-19 has cemented its place in the world history for having significantly impacted the global financial markets, including India. As Coronavirus continues to spread, and more information comes to light, the banking sector over the next two quarters is expected to have a tough time. It is a no-brainer that the lockdown imposed and the prolonged shutdown / skeletal working of the all establishments will lead to a possibility of new NPAs…