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Catch The Crypto Craze

Catch The Crypto Craze

Catch The Crypto Craze The word crypto is an ever-expanding one. You can now not find a person who hasn’t heard about cryptocurrency. More people are joining the fold, while some come as investors, some as casual owners or traders, and finally many enthusiasts want to learn more about crypto. Want to know more about Cryptocurrency? We’re here to show you some must-known facts and marketing techniques about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency which is also known as digital or virtual currency. Cryptocurrency enables online payments without any use of intermediaries. Bitcoin is the world first cryptocurrency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in early 2009 and cryptocurrencies are transparency or distributed ledger technology. Apart from bitcoin, there are alternative coin terms as altcoins. These cryptocurrencies can be mined with massive computational power. Mining crypto is not easy. Each coin transaction required computers in the network to complete and solve the math puzzles. The first computer which solves the puzzle will receive a fraction of bitcoin or an alternative coin. The global cryptocurrency market capitalization hits around 3 trillion dollars and now the market cap is around 1.8 trillion dollars. Cryptocurrency is also known as a risker asset but also extremely profitable for long term investment.