eTHIC Best Audit Software in India
eTHIC Best Audit Software in India

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG!

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG!

At the very instance of mentioning ESG, mostly we would think that it something related to Policy’s, Standards kind of stuff for an Organization! and we don’t have an Accountability or Role in it.
But friends it all begins with you and me (us) ! And what if you may ask ? In simple words it’s Doing Good, the Right way !

Doing Good for the Environment
Doing Good for the Social Group

And ensuring that the doing Good effectively continues and improves ….

Perhaps many of us would know the wonderful phrase “ little drops of water, make a Mighty Ocean “. Well that’s where we ALL have a part friends!

The current unhealthy environment and the after effects are all being done by us and in the past may be by our parents and our grandparents! So Lets not continue it in the same velocity, instead we can start changing slowly but steadily, there by gaining the momentum for Good !

Can we go taking the small steps!
Can we evaluate self by an ESG Score, Yes!

Please think and act, happy to help!.

Thanks for reading through, hope we make the change in whatever form we can and how ever little we can and continue it for rest of our life … Lets keep adding those little changes for Goodness and for better Tomorrow…