eTHIC Best Audit Software in India
eTHIC Best Audit Software in India

NCS Customer Meet 2022

NCS Customer Meet 2022
NCS Customer Meet 2022

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Our very first customer meet happened on November 21st, 2022, in Chennai on the occasion of 15 years of NCS Soft Solutions. It was for our South customers and with lots of planning in a short span we made it a great event.  The event also marked the launch of our New Product eTHIC CAAM. The event started off with a prayer in the presence of Our Guest of Honor Mr. Nabankur Sen, Chairman Mr. Subramaniam N, CEO Mr. Shanmugavel P, COO Mr. Asir Roy Dinesh, CFO Mr. Padmanabhan and all our board & advisory members, valued customers, and team members.

Our CEO Mr. Shanmugavel P gave the welcome address, thanking all the Customers for making their presence and supporting us. He started off the welcome address by taking a nostalgic journey of NCS and its accomplishments over the last 15 years. CEO then welcomed and introduced our Guest of Honour Mr. Nabankur Sen, who officially was the first Customer of our product eTHIC. He also welcomed our Chairman Mr. Subramaniam N and shared how the organization met him and other advisory board members. He also mentioned on our next target which is to enter into the International market and he explained the steps taken for the same. He then shared his gratitude towards the customers and the company’s Mantra Always What Else, What Next, Now we are looking from here to where…

Chairman – Mr. Subramaniam

We next welcomed our Chairman Mr. Subramaniam N on stage, and he addressed the audience with great cheer. He delivered a very inspiring speech about how the Company NCS was taken up, how humble our CEO & COO were. Becoming the chairman, he put forth the marketing strategies, financial payment strategies, sales strategies and including the advisory board members. The hard times faced, and the growth of our company was so well explained and laid down the target for the future as well. He then launched the new Product eTHIC CAAM and the logo for the same.

We next welcomed our Guest of Honour Mr. Nabankur Sen. Our CEO Mr. Shanmugavel P welcomed him with warm greetings and a bouquet. Mr. Nabankur Sen gave a speech which was very informative and about the various roles played by him. He started of his speech by explaining the meaning of his name Nabankur which Means “Seed”, ‘When a new seed comes it grows, like that I planted a new need for NCS and they have grown into a tree now, which gives me an immense pleasure.’ As his name he was instrumental in many ‘firsts’. Established the first Systems Audit setup and formation of the Information Security Department. He also formed the Systems Audit wing of the Internal Audit department at Axis Bank. He was the first CISO of Axis Bank. After retirement from Axis Bank he was associated with Bandhan Bank, since its inception, for 5 years as CISO. Currently he is engaged with HSBC as an External Consultant. He was very humble and silent amongst the crowd. When he spoke, his words revealed him and proved only empty vessels make more noise. He was first in many things and first to become a customer of NCS as well.  We were very proud to have him there. He believed in us, and our product eTHIC and we made it happen the best way.

CEO Mr. Shanmugavel & Guest of Honour Mr. Nabankur

Once our Guest of Honour’s speech was over, we called upon our COO Mr Asir Roy Dinesh on stage to talk eTHIC CAAM. He gave an introduction of new product eTHIC CAAM and its advantages. How this product would meet the future requirements and covered the technical aspect of eTHIC CAAM. He showcased our road map for Integrated eTHIC CAAM, eTHIC RMS release 1 and eTHIC GRC release 1. He then set the expectation of what more to expect from NCS in future,

  • AI based Pattern Recognition and Further Analysis for Process / Control Improvement
  • Instant OCR based Observations
  • AI Based Risk Predictions Models
  • AI Based Prescriptive and Suggestive models

Once Dinesh’s speech was concluded with more technological inputs the stage was for our promising advisory member Mr. Muralidharan to give Strategic and Business insights of eTHIC CAAM. He introduced the eTHIC CAAM features which would meet the pain points of the audit and make the work of the audit department easier. How there will be very little or no manual intervention. In future eTHIC CAAM alone can meet all the requirements and can be used for Operations as well. The new Analytical dashboard designed using Power BI specially for the top management to view a collective information to help take immediate steps wherever required. With time constraint, he was forced to stop because eTHIC CAAM is very widely covering all the needs of audit.

Awards Ceremony

Then we called upon our valuable advisory member Mr. Harshit Jain for a speech. His rich sales, product management, and solution delivery experience is helping NCS in its global endeavors. His speech was more benefiting NCS and the Customers present. He interacted with most of the crowd present with his highlighted presentation of a face, where people can see a young lady or an old lady or both. With that he approached and described co-creation activity and appreciated KVB for their interest and participation. They are the first customers for the Co-creation workshop. He then highlighted the key points on Celebrating Success Together and Welcome to next gen economy and concluded his speech.

We welcomed Mr. Rakesh, our Business partner to address the gathering. He has spent 35 years in Banks and several multi-national companies like Oracle, Microsoft and Sun Guard and Indian software companies like Intellect Design Arena and FSS at CXO positions, is now supporting NCS in areas of business strategy, marketing, business development, market penetration, partnership, etc. in the global endeavors.

As his speech started the crowd was energised to hear. He spoke with respect to all the roles and explained the pros and cons. He also set a challenge for NCS and team for a solution which will be future centric and that is more advanced than CAAM. As per NCS Mantra we will have to focus on what next and what more is what he said. Invariably what will the organization do if the Customer is loyal and has few documents missing and another case is Customer has all the documents and followed the procedure but has no ethics. How will this be handled to bring down the risk to the organisation. Such scenarios were discussed and explained briefly which attracted the audience.

He was very time specific and set the timer to finish his speech on time.

We then introduced our guest from 360 TF, partner for the Middle east, Mr. Nadkishore. He gave a very delightful speech and informed us that he would have been worry free if this product was known to him 10 years back. He has promised to make this product reach in the middle east.

Our next and main event was honoring our valued customers. We had different categories in honoring. The categories were

  • Awards for more than a decade of Partnership
  • Awards for more than half a decade of partnership
  • Awards for Extensive User (all our modules implemented in Banks.)

During the honours guest delivered their speech.

We then welcomed our advisory member Mr. Jaganathan. He gave a very nostalgic speech where he remembered all of them who were present as he was there in the start of implementing digitization for most of the banks. He was so happy about the customer meet and wanted more such meetings to get customer feedbacks on our service and expectations. He did mention that NCS products are one of the best audit tools that every institution needs and finished his speech.

Concluded with Dinner

We then welcomed our CFO Mr. Padmanabhan for vote of thanks. On behalf of the team, he shared his gratitude for everyone who attend the event & to the speakers who shared their graceful words on this occasion. He 2mentioned his special thanks to our chief Guest Mr. Nabankur Sen & Chairman Mr. Subramaniam N. He thanked Our CEO Mr. Shanmugavel P & our COO Mr. Asir Roy Dinesh for this wonderful event and for making everything happen. He thanked our advisory members for being there for us. He thanked all the customers who were present at the event with a special thanks to customers who traveled from other states to attend this event. He then thanked the who had toiled from behind the scenes for making this event a successful one with a special mention for the compering team Mr. Abhijith and Ms. Kokila.

With the Vote of thanks, we concluded our event followed with a group photo and dinner.