eTHIC Best Audit Software in India
eTHIC Best Audit Software in India

New Normal โ€“ Enabled Work From Home

New Normal โ€“ Enabled Work From Home

New Normal โ€“ Enabled Work From Home โ€œThe new normal is great. The way of doing work from home is great because it has many advantages, such as zero hours of travel, less pressure, and more time for everything you enjoy which invariably enhances the quality of life.โ€

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has changed the workplace ecosystem across the globe and the changes are here to stay. Believe it or not, half of the uncertain behavior and stress has been reduced when one doesnโ€™t have to face the traffic, pollution, and time management etc. With this on, we are trying to empower our employees by giving them a choice to work remotely from home or another location and we strongly believe that this enhances employee efficiency and business output manifold.

Working from home is no longer a choice but a new normal that every tech talent expects from their employer. As observed by many studies, employers who are not willing to adapt this hybrid work atmosphere will face challenges in hiring good talent and retaining those who are already employed.

Itโ€™s good to have flexible work hours. As working for nine to five isnโ€™t a realistic model for most employees because of differing energy levels, task durations, and personal schedules such as childcare and health or wellness days. Work from home allows employees to remain productive within the hours when they feel the most innovative, so they can plan for the right amount of task time and accommodate their basic needs.

Added to that while your work hours go by sitting in front of the laptop most of the time which could result in some side effects and impact your posture or health, WFH helps us take break in between, wherein you can take a walk in your balcony, terrace or inside your room which you love. Where at office sitting in the same spot for long hours tires body and mind and does not help in offering creative and
collaborative solution.

Challenges Faced In Work From Home

Every employee has different situations at home. Most face high level of physical and psychological discomfort owing to WFH. Employees are experiencing the strain on emotional and physical health due to distractions from other members of the family, absence of a work environment along with commitment to household chores.

The highest challenge faced by employees who opt to work from home is establishing continuous communication. When employees are in the same workplace, the understanding and communication between them is better and relatively simple, which allows them to support each other better.
When seniors are working remotely, it becomes harder to identify those who are having difficulties.