eTHIC Best Audit Software in India
eTHIC Best Audit Software in India

eTHIC the audit management software is for businesses of all sizes to improve the visibility, productivity, and stability of internal audits across all departments and organizations. . eTHIC helps you with understanding and managing compliances that are applicable to your business. From small scale industries to Large-scale industries, compliance affects everyone. As your business grow and rules change eTHIC helps you stay updated about your compliance requirements. We provide expert solutions, delivered with premium professional services, to auditors around the globe and in every industry. With robust auditing and inspection capabilities eTHIC is the best integrated solution which has ready to use audit and inspection modules for businesses in various sectors. To add on it offers functionalities to simplify data collection, management, and reporting. And once you implement eTHIC, it can instantly match your existing infrastructure.

Over 1.5 million transactions audited every day

Over 200 thousand users using eTHIC each day

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Designed by our specialists with decades of industry experience, eTHIC get to the root of process management and provide end-clients with the full scope of system design and benefits


eTHIC - Complete Audit Lifecycle Suite

eTHIC, an industry-defining solution that reshapes the way risk-based auditing and compliance management is executed in the industry and is the best risk assessment software. Capable of centralizing the entire audit management life cycle, eTHIC introduces efficiency and reliability into overall audit Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation. eTHIC serves as a significant first step in the realm of automation for Governance, Risk and Compliance.



eTHIC CAAM, a specialized system for Continuous Automated Audits. The Continuous Audits benefits in identifying non compliances at the earliest and thereby reducing the risk the organisation is exposed to. The risk is continuously assessed offsite. Results in better Governance, Enhanced Compliance Culture and Reduction in Audit costs.



Introducing eTHIC-OTMS – To assist in the daily / regular monitoring of transactions and detecting anomalies. Provides flexibility to decide the focus areas, the methods and how the variances are to be treated as well. In addition to the core eTHIC, we are constantly evolving, adapting and innovating to stay one step ahead, and bring the best solutions which are need of the hour, useful and convenient. These innovations are available as plug-ins to eTHIC.



eTHIC COM, a Centralized Compliance System designed to help in initiating and tracking compliances faster, simpler and on real time basis. It is a Configurable Workflow based system streamlines the compliance inputs and review process. Aimed at improved accuracy and timeliness, eTHIC COM aids in avoiding penalties and thus improving the reputation of the organization.


Here is what our happy customers have to say

We have been using various eTHIC Products of NCS Soft Solutions from 2009 onwards. We are very much satisfied with the digitalized, convenient, parameterized and audit standards of their solutions. It is of less vendor dependency. Customer Support is very much satisfactory. eTHIC Products are very much suitable to digitalize the audit and compliance process and to monitor their Risk Mitigation thereby improving the level of Risk.

eTHIC, the product by NCS has been implemented in our Bank during 2010 with RBIA module and expanded to more than 10 modules over a period. The automation of the audit process through eTHIC, has supported our audit management process and better accessibility of audit data. We are satisfactory with the product and services of the company.

We as a bank, have been using the product in live environment for the past 7 years. The various auditing processes are being conducted smoothly, with efficacy. Excellent coordination, timely delivery and an efficient team makes the product meet our expectations. During the entire phase of the project, the support rendered by the team was remarkable. Any issues that posed a challenge were sorted mostly within the stipulated time and the end product was cost effective. We look forward to continue working with you and put forth, herewith our sincere testimonial, in appreciation.

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In a dynamic world, the role of Audit is not that of a defense mechanism, post events, however that of a predictive tool which prevents adverse incidents, as well as to provide insights for augmenting business.

Our Team of experts are skilled in this field, and continue to advise institutions/companies, in formulating Enterprise Risk and Business Strategies. Forget missing out on details or deadlines with eTHIC as you get a complete view of internal audit with all the data in one place and easy to report.

An audit happens every 2 minutes using eTHIC. To make your internal audits more transparent, risk-aligned, efficient and to create a seamless auditing process all you need is eTHIC by NCS. Get in touch with our expert team today and get to know how our software eTHIC can support your internal audit team.




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Our CEO Mr. Shanmugavel and Mr. Baskar Rao, Chief General Manager of Audit and Inspection from Union bank of India, Hyderabad, at Audit Zonal Office Meeting.


GITEX – Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, NCS exhibits eTHIC in Dubai