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Regulatory - Risk Based Supervision

Risk Based Supervision is a regulatory measure for supervision of the financial institutions by the Regulator. The data required is to be submitted at periodical intervals which is currently manually collated in excel spreadsheets. This is not only inconvenient due to manual changes but also error prone. Also it is difficult to analyse at later point in time. NCS brings in automation in Risk Based Supervision – RBS Tranche by revolutionizing the way of collation and presentation of the data required. RBSeTHIC is built with inputs from experts who have extensive knowledge in the domain.

Risk Based Supervision

RBSeTHIC provides opportunity to automate data collation from the interfacing systems and also various levels of approval to ensure the right data is collated and submitted on-time to the regulatory authorities. RBSeTHIC also boasts a simple in-built dashboard to monitor the real time progress that helps in effective tracking and follow-up.

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