Leveraging Domain & Industrial Expertise

Differentiate your business with NCS Soft. Explore innovative solutions that make your business stand out of competition. Born out of decades of industrial and technical expertise, our solutions speak the language of excellence and efficiency

eTHIC – Risk Based Audit


Comprehensive audit suite that enables incredible savings on cost and time. Explore the host of benefits with eTHIC


Unmatched feature set of eTHIC automates the audit life cycle completely. Web-based application that enables risk-free auditing and effortless status tracking.

Total Digitized Audit Software

Drive out uncertainty and complexity out of audit management with eTHIC. Our web- based audit management, provides real-time status updates and on-the-go adjustments. eTHIC is capable of processing over 5 million transactions per day – bringing in higher levels of accuracy and efficiency into audit management.EXPLORE »

Success Stories

Covers the entire spectrum of full audit life cycle automation needs from end to end. Role-restricted collaboration across the enterprise

Our Clients

Exclusive Digital Solutions as Unique as your Business

E-commerce to logistics; from inventory management to healthcare management – NCS Soft has pioneered many innovative solutions in a host of business applications. We bring in the best in technology, industry, and domain expertise to deliver solutions that give your business the competitive edge.

Custom Solutions Software that improves every part of Business to give you the Edge

NCS has fully competent and experienced pool of resources to offer best-of-the-breed solutions for custom Software, RFID, ERP, business intelligence, multimedia, web technologies and BPO operations. NCS is an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization.


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