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Designed and developed by our domain expert with decades of industry experience, eTHIC get to the root of process management and provide end-clients with the full scope of system design and benefits.


eTHIC, an industry-defining solution that reshapes the way in which Risk-Based Auditing and Compliance Management is executed in the industry and is the best risk evaluation software. Capable of centralized audit management life cycle, eTHIC brings efficiency and reliability into overall audit Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation. eTHIC is the first significant step in the realm of automation for Governance, Risk and Compliance.    Next >>


eTHIC CAAM, a specialized system for Continuous Automated Audits. Continuous Audits benefits in identifying deviations, non compliances at near real time and thereby improving the risk in the organisation. The risk is continuously assessed resulting in improvement in Governance, Risk, Enhanced Compliance Culture and Reduction in Audit costs.


eTHIC OTMS monitoring on near real time basis and detecting anomalies. It provides flexibility to cover your critical areas with focus. It helps in prevention of fraud by improved monitoring of daily fraud through sections. In addition to the core eTHIC, we are constantly evolving, adapting and innovating to stay one step ahead, and bring the best solutions which are need of the hour, useful and convenient. These innovations are available as plug-ins to eTHIC.


eTHIC COM, a Centralized comprehensive Compliance Management Solutions designed to help in your day-to-day management. You can initiate, tracking the level of compliances consolidates for data more faster, simpler and on a real time basis. It is a User Configurable Multi - Workflow system streamlines your compliance requirement inputs collation and review process. Aimed at improved accuracy and timeliness, eTHIC COM helps in avoidance of penalties and thus improving the reputation of the organization.

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In a dynamic world, the role of Audit is not that of a Third Line Defense mechanism, but the business to prevent from adverse incident frauds and provide due insights for organization’s business goals.


Our Domain Experts are experienced in Audit, Risk and Compliance. We continue to advise institutions in formulating Enterprise Risk and Business Strategies.

To make your internal audits transparent, Governance risk-aligned, Compliance efficient, and to create a seamless digitized auditing process, you need eTHIC by NCS. Get in touch with our expert team now and get to know how our software eTHIC can support and improve your internal audit team.


We are now going global with partners!

Chebelo Pele Consulting is a management and technology consulting company operated.

Rely Audit is a provider of audit software that any office of personnel management.

Simba Technology Limited is a pioneer in providing digital and enterprise software solutions.

Exlayer Indonesia provides comprehensive ICT system integration services and solutions.

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NCS Customer Meet 2022 “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” – Mahatma Gandhi. Our very first customer meet happened on November 21st, 2022, in Chennai on the occasion of 15 years of NCS Soft Solutions. It was for our South customers and with lots of planning in a short span we made it a great event. The event also marked the launch of our New Product eTHIC CAAM. The event started off with a prayer in the presence of Our Guest of Honor Mr. Nabankur Sen, Chairman Mr. Subramaniam N, CEO Mr. Shanmugavel P, COO Mr. Asir Roy Dinesh, CFO Mr. Padmanabhan and all our board & advisory members, valued customers, and team members.


Financial Crime Risk Management Frauds, scams, financial crime have become so common, they are used almost everyday and happening around us constantly They fill pages in newspapers globally. It is also correct to mention that


Environmental Social and Governance (ESG! At the very instance of mentioning ESG, mostly we would think that it something related to Policy’s, Standards kind of stuff for an Organization! and we don’t have an Accountability or Role in it.

Pongal Celebration 2023! As you all know we had a fun-filled Pongal celebration with Pooja, Pongal, music, and much more.

GITEX – Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, NCS exhibits eTHIC in Dubai


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