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Welcome to the Future! eTHIC is an Audit digitisation platform with an innovative blend of Optimised Audit processes and Artificial Intelligence.

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eTHIC - Audit Lifecycle Management Platform

eTHIC is suitable for varied Organizations, Departments and Functions covering the entire lifecycle from Planning to Follow up. It helps you perform value added Audits and ensure Compliance to key requirements that matters to your company.


Complete Audit Lifecycle Suite

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Continuous Audit Automation and Monitoring Systems - A Digital Solution

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Comprehensive Compliance Management Suite

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Transaction Monitoring System Suite

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Comprehensive Auditing Excellence Suite for Insurance Sector

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Trade Finance Banking Made Easy

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Continuous Audit Automation and Monitoring Systems a Digital Solution

A digital solution for continuous Audit automation and monitoring is eTHIC CAAM, a customized system. The benefits of digitalized continuous Audits include improved Risk management inside the organization and the ability to quickly discover deviations and noncompliance.

Risk is regularly evaluated, which improves Governance, reduces Audit costs, increases Compliance culture, and manages Risk.


eTHIC Provides a
simplified yet Agile Audit Journey

eTHIC assists you in staying current with your procedures and regulatory guidelines as your organisation expands and regulations change. We offer comprehensive solutions with best-in-class professional services.

eTHIC is the most complete integrated solution available, which addresses all Auditing requirements and can be configured for Internal Audit and inspection modules for various sectors.

eTHIC is a server-agnostic platform with enhanced management reporting, efficient monitoring, and streamlined data collection.

Branch Audit
IS Audit
Process Control Audit
Concurrent Audit
V-KYC Audit
ESG Audit
Cyber Security Audit
Management Audit
Revenue Audit
RBS Audit
Stock Audit
Statutory (LFAR) Audit
Rural Audit
Currency Chest Audit
Special Audit
RBI Inspection Audit
Retail Audit
ATM Audit
Self Audit
Compliance Audit
eTHIC Workflow, Features & Benefits

A Comprehensive Overview of Workflow, Features and Benefits

eTHIC is a cutting-edge solution designed to provide a breakthrough in your digital experience. With robust features and unparalleled benefits, eTHIC is crafted to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and elevate overall productivity.

Invest in eTHIC today and transform the way you work, unlocking a new era of productivity and success for your business.

eTHIC Workflow

eTHIC Features & Benefits

eTHIC CAAM Benefits


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We understand that navigating the complexities of today's business landscape requires more than expertise - it demands strategic vision, adaptability, and a partner committed to your success. To make your internal Audits Transparent, Governance Risk-Aligned, and Compliance Efficient, and to create a seamless Digitized Auditing process, we bring together industry knowledge, innovative solutions, and a client-centric approach to drive your business forward. Expert guidance makes your Audit Risk process more futuristic and Agile. Contact our knowledge staff on how we can help you begin or refine your experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

eTHIC Platform is the unrivaled No.1 Audit Software in the subcontinent. This accolade is a testament to our commitment to innovation, unparalleled functionality, and the trust bestowed upon us by our valued clients.

Audit software plays a crucial role in modern business environments for various reasons. Audit software is a valuable tool that contributes to the effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability of audit processes, ultimately supporting organizational governance, risk management, and compliance objectives.

Audit software contributes to risk reduction in various ways by providing organizations with tools and features that help identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively. Audit software plays a vital role in reducing risk by providing organizations with the tools and insights needed to identify, assess, and manage risks in a proactive and systematic manner.

Yes, having a transaction monitoring system is considered essential for various industries and sectors for several reasons. Transaction monitoring refers to the process of tracking, reviewing, and analyzing financial transactions to detect and prevent potential risks, fraud, or illegal activities.

Audit tools play a crucial role in helping businesses maintain transparency, ensure compliance, manage risks, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Audit software is suitable for all industry and specifically for insurance sector, offering tools and features that support compliance, fraud prevention, risk management, and overall operational efficiency. It helps insurance companies navigate the complex landscape of regulations and risks while maintaining accuracy and transparency in their operations.

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